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A lifelong affair with western design and the ability to sew and sculpt manifested in Courtney Custom Boots. I was raised in Wisconsin dairy country and spent my early adult life in central Texas. Heart of southwest Montana is now my home. The natural beauty of the Blacktail Mountains inspires my creativity to create masterpieces. The manipulation of leather and artistic design combined with the mechanics of fit yield some extraordinary boots.

I have worked leather my entire life and I have always loved cowboy boots. Expanding to the design and assembly of boots was a natural progression. The basic boot requires 45-50 hours of time and is made from both imported and domestic hides. All are superior in quality. The soles are pit-tanned in Europe for longer wear.

The limited number of people skilled in the art and the exclusive, time-consuming nature of the business places limits on the number of boots that can be produced. The value-added elements of exclusive, personal service and luxury of ordering handmade goods requires a lot of time. The final product represents the strongest possible distinction from the mass-made boot.

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